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Chapter 1: Entering The Wilderness

Xu Bing opened his eyes.

His surrounding was permeated with a dense darkness that couldn’t be dissolved. A strange fishy smell kept infiltrating into his throat.

He wasn’t at the usual bed he always slept at.

Xu Bing reached out his hands and touched his lower body. His palms were wet; he was actually laying on an icy cold shallow pool that was only as deep as half a finger, but the coldness was piercing to the bone. This feeling felt very real, unlike a dream.


Like a flock of sheeps, a white light suddenly lit up in front of his eyes, stinging Xu Bing’s eyes until it was painful. He reached out his hands to block the light, but a voice came out from within the white light and powerlessly echoed, “…You are here.”

A dagger fell in front of Xu Bing, making a bright and loud crackling sound. The male voice that sounded as if it had being submerged in water rang again, “You must kill him.”

Xu Bing: “… Who?”

The male voice answered, “Meng Zhong Guang.”

Xu Bing was having a splitting headache, he couldn’t understand the situation right now.

He only felt that “Meng Zhong Guang” this name was extremely familiar, but he had forgotten where he had heard it from.

He decided to refine his own question, making it more precise, “Who are you?”

The male voice said, “I am the Knowledge of the Three Realms.”

Xu Bing: “…”

Just by listening to his voice, this Knowledge of the Three Realms must have contracted tuberculosis. His life mustn’t be long, if he did not seize the time and ask something out, who knew if he would die later or not.

Xu Bing endured his headache and was about to open his mouth to clarify the situation, his voice silted into cotton candy, struck in his throat.

…He finally remembered who was Meng Zhong Guang.

In the eyes of his neighbors and outsiders, Xu Bing was a lewd thief, an alien and a maverick. He preferred to be on the left side of the road and he looked at all kind of girls. He could read any types of books and loved to make friends with all sort of people. He was nuttiness and wilful, happy and unrestrained, occasionally playing some spiritual tricks to earn some money.

When he had ample of money, he would spend recklessly just to listen to a song; when he had little, he would not be upset, but at most he would knead the soil into the shape of ingots1 for his self-entertainment.

Fortunately, his family particularly pampered him and let him did what he wanted all day around.

Xu Bing found time hanging heavily on his hands. He read a lot of storybooks and so he started writing down some of his thoughts.

And Meng Zhong Guang was one of Xu Bing’s uncompleted book’s villains, with unparalleled beauty, heartless and cruel.

It was strange to say, Meng Zhong Guang this name, had been appearing in his dreams since the start. When Xu Bing woke up, he would be drenched in a body of sweat, and the content of his dream would be forgotten buy this name remained.

After waking up, he lifted his pen and started writing this story. The writing process was rather smooth, not more than a month later, he wrote close to ten thousands of words.

This story basically had no righteous and decent characters. It was a story that told of a group of evil spirits and demons escaping from the wilderness.

Father had looked at his manuscript before. He asked him what exactly did he want to write.

Xu Bing replied, “Writing for fun.”

There was nothing Father could do so he ordered him to study well but Xu Bing was, as usual, mouth filled with promises, but he never change.

The manuscript was only written halfway, when Xu Bing was pulled by this Weak Lungs2 Knowledge of the Three Realms into this world from his dream.

Weak Lungs said, “You have seriously disrupted the world’s context. Now, the demons in the wilderness are just like what you have wrote, ready to make trouble, with the intention to escape and bring misfortunate to everywhere.”

The dagger that was thrown by him flashed a light blue color and Xu Bing’s gaze was lured there, “You must use this dagger to kill Meng Zhong Guang who intends to take the lead in the defection.”

Xu Bing was stunned for a moment before he laughed out. “This lord, did you make a mistake?”

He lifted up his sleeves and showed his right hand.

His right wrist was broken and above it was an artificial limb made of rosewood.

Xu Bing calmly showed his own defect, “You are asking me to go in with this body. Are you asking me to die in vain?”

Xu Bing still remembered how he set the value of Meng Zhong Guang’s combat power in the story. He was a spiritual demon born from the aura of heaven and earth. His temperament was as cold as the snow in the mountains and he never once put anyone’s life in his eyes.

Someone once offended him, Meng Zhong Guang only talked and laughed as he peeled off the offender’s skin from his back. He extracted his spine completely, grounded it into powder, made it into a teapot, and used it to drink tea every day.

Weak Lungs coughed twice and was unhurried to said, “There is only one person in this world, he will not overstep any boundary and offend Meng Zhong Guang. I will borrow his skin for you.”

Xu Bing found it hilarious, “Then why don’t you ask that person to kill Meng Zhong Guang?”

Weak Lungs answered, “He is Meng Zhong Guang’s Senior Martial Brother. As Meng Zhong Guang is unruly hateful, he slaughtered his peer, stolen the magic pills and magic artifacts. His Senior Brother has been judged with poor teaching. At present, his immortal sacrum has been pulled out and was banished to the mortal world. He has became a mortal human and died in the outside world.”

Xu Bing: “…”

Weak Lungs saw that he was being silent so he chased, “What do you think?”

Xu Bing was straight to the point, “I think it’s not possible.”

This time it was Weak Lungs that was quiet, “…”

After a long while, a force suddenly struck him. Xu Bing felt his body getting light and was falling backward.

The white light suddenly disappeared and the back of his brain pulsed. He did not have any time to react before he sank into nothingness again.

Weak Lungs’ voice was getting further away in a rapid speed, but the weak voice was like a clock being tolled, his words knocked into Xu Bing’s ears one by one “If you don’t kill him, you will live in the wilderness for eternity.”

Xu Bing exhausted all his strength, and he scolded “Your Granduncle3”.

It was unknown how long he fell. Xu Bing’s heart was already numbed and his body dropped into softness.

He couldn’t sit up.

With a rough estimation, Xu Bing had been flying in the air for at least half an hour, during which he passed through a magnificent giant door. Beams of bright colorful lights surrounded him as he swirled. He was dizzy from all the spinning.

When he landed, his nose couldn’t smell, his eyes couldn’t see. He could only lie flatly.

Suddenly, countless messy information flashed into Xu Bing’s mind. He slightly ruminated and then exclaimed in surprise.

The clips of memory fragment that entered his mind seemed to belong to Meng Zhong Guang’s Senior Brother. However, the strange thing was, he had the same surname as himself, they were both Xu; he was called Xu Xing Zhi.

The clips were quite chaotic, and there was only some basic information. Xu Bing revised for half a day and could barely make a few points out.

Xu Xing Zhi was the Eldest Martial Senior Brother of the righteous Immortal Sect, Fengling Mountain. Meng Zhong Guang was a child picked up by Xu Xing Zhi. He followed Xu Xing Zhi’s side since young. His spiritual power was low and was frequently bullied. If it wasn’t for Xu Xing Zhi staying by his side and protecting him, he could have been builled to death by the others disciples.

However, the real identity of Meng Zhong Guang was a demon and his spiritual power was treacherous. He intentionally pretended to be weak and lurked in Fengling Mountain for many years. He was waiting for an opportunity to steal the magic artifacts placed in the four big Immortal Sects.

For many years, he painstakingly maneuvered and used his connections among the major Immortal Sects to pull people to his side. He used conspiracy to incite defection. He even pulled a group of righteous disciples to his side for his own use. However, on the night before he succeeded in stealing the artifacts, his conspiracy was revealed. He personally killed his master and Xu Xing Zhi accidentally became his scapegoat. He was wrongly imprisoned and suffered torture.

Later, the righteous sect was cleaning its yard, Meng Zhong Guang together with those disciples who had betrayed the sect, was exiled to the wilderness.

The wilderness was an unbreakable prison full of demons.

Xu Xing Zhi was also regarded as an involved party and was banished to become a mortal.

It was not difficult to kill Meng Zhong Guang. Just use the dagger with the aura of heaven and earth, aim it at the cinnabar in the center of his forehead, and he would be able to end his life.

Xu Bing lay desperately on the ground, thinking, fuck, I don’t think I thought this much when I was writing.

Xu Bing had no interest in talented beauty, hero saving the beauty, or an immortal love story. He simply wanted to write a story different from the norms, a story with the villain as the protagonist.

He didn’t even thought about creating a back story for his “Meng Zhong Guang” in his book.

Now it seemed that his story and this world’s Meng Zhong Guang accidentally coincided. Just like two musical strings, there was no intersection, only because he moved one of them that it caused the other string to vibrate, disturbing the world’s order here.

It was precisely because he and the “Xu Xing Zhi” who had been banished to the mortal world and lost his immortal sacrum were both mortal. Hence, this so-called “Knowledge of the Three Realms” summoned him here with the intention to use his own hands to eliminate Meng Zhong Guang.

Xu Bing, now Xu Xing Zhi, recovered from his daze. He turned over and sat up. His hand was touching around and he touched a round thing.

He looked down and found that it was a human head.

Xu Xing Zhi leaped violently. He astonishingly realized that within a mile of this place, it was a graveyard full of corpses and skeleton bones. Most of them were ripped and shredded, and some red and white things were scattered on the floor.

His sense of smell returned to him at the moment of seeing these corpses. The stench stimulated his brain with stabbing pain, and his stomach turned like a rough sea.

Fortunately, in the present world, he spent a full three days and three nights in a free estate for the sake of winning some silver coins. He lived and ate with the old man guarding the free estate, so he did not fear corpses that much.

It was just that such a scattered body, he was also seeing it for the first time. It was too exciting for Xu Xing Zhi.

Xu Xing Zhi also described the horrors of people eating people in the wilderness in his book. The so-called “the flesh is like silver, the head can be the lamp”, when writing those black and white words, it did not seem to be much, but when all these turned into reality, he could not help but feel disdained.

He resisted his disgust and tried his best to he moved through the gap between the bodies. He wanted to escape the graveyard of corpses as soon as possible.

Xu Xing Zhi did not want to see more of the horrible states of these corpses. But not long later, he braked his footsteps as he was face to face with a kneeling corpse.

Instantly, he stood up and did not hesitate to run.

Xu Xing Zhi saw that the tear at the corpse was not a bite of a beast, but of a human’s tooth print.

In other words, the graveyard of corpses here was actually the kitchen of someone in the wilderness.

Xu Xing Zhi felt that if he do not leave quickly, he might be the one laying down there soon.

But in this wilderness, where was he going to find Meng Zhong Guang?

As he was thinking about this problem, Xu Xing Zhi, who had fleed a few steps, suddenly heard a roar.

He turned behind and saw a horrible looking humanoid monster. It was chasing him like it was deranged.

Except for the two arms that were actually two sharp razors, the monster’s neck below could be considered normal, but its face was akin to being torn off and then placed back together again. The nose was on the forehead and the eye was at the original lip position. The other one was on its neck. It looked like a giant candle that did not melt completely.

It passed through the sea of corpses and ran straight to himself. The countless corpses below his sole bursted into blood foam.

Xu Xing Zhi loudly cursed and ran wildly.

His feet went in deep and shallowed as he passed through the mountain of corpses and sea of blood. He came to an open space, randomly selected a direction and rushed off.

Obviously, the monster was not only going to drive Xu Xing Zhi out of his territory.

Xu Xing Zhi had run nearly a mile and it still chasing after Xu Xing Zhi.

The distance between one person and one monster was getting closer.

Xu Xing Zhi was so tired that he was wheezing heavily and he kept paying attention to the situation behind him. When he turned his eyes back, his vision actually sighted a human body that was burnt black appearing from the side and was stumbling towards him.

He was targetted by two monsters at the same time. Xu Xing Zhi, who was tired like a dog, thought desperately. He should just simply chose which monster to eat him. At least he could choose it himself and die with more integrity.

Xu Xing Zhi didn’t notice that the monster behind him slowed down. Its shifted facial features was shaking as it watched the black and thin shadow. Like it saw something scary, and then it was indignated. Again, it seemed to be scared to the extreme.

In a few moments, it seemed to have made up its mind, roared, and changed its target. It rushed toward the charred black human.

In that few moments, Xu Xing Zhi had chosen the black figure between the two.

If he was caught by the monster behind, he would be pierced by its two razors, and then thrown into the pile of corpses. His head would be here and his butt would be there. It sounded miserable just thinking about it.

He only ran two steps to the black shadow before he made contact with the man’s gaze.

He wasn’t sure if it was the illusion of Xu Xing Zhi or not, but the man who was so badly burnt that what was left of his head was only a skull, his empty socket actually shined a slight brilliance. There was panic, there was also worry and a gentleness that Xu Xing Zhi could not understand.

He opened his mouth and there was dark black debris slowly falling on his chin, “Hurry run…”

Xu Xing Zhi suddenly stopped his footsteps.

That was the voice of a human.

Despite being burned to the point of being hoarse and deformed, Xu Xing Zhi realized that it was a conscious and sober human.

Was it a prisoner who was exiled in the wilderness? Was he seriously injured?

Xu Xing Zhi was thinking about this as he gave up the intention to send himself to death. He turned direction, and once again rushed away.

The man who was burned black really did not have much strength. After a few moments, he was stunned that Xu Xing Zhi was leaving him behind. He stumbled towards Xu Xing Zhi’s back and chased for a few steps. “… Hurry, you hurry run…”

After that, he stood still and turned to face the razor monster that was rushing toward him violently with his lips slightly opened.

His figure looked very bleak.

However, looking at the placement of the muscles in his face, it seemed to be a sneer.

Unlike the gentleness he directed towards Xu Xing Zhi, he slightly raised his chin and faced the monster, as if he was an elegant and fit adult panther, looking at a barking mad dog.

Just like Xu Xing Zhi couldn’t see the expression of the monster at the moment, the monster also could not see Xu Xing Zhi’s actions.

Xu Xing Zhi did not hear the footsteps of the black shadow chasing up, so he stopped his steps and looked behind him.

The charred black person turned his back to him and was facing the monster. He seemed to be sacrificing himself, shielding a way out for Xu Xing Zhi.

His back looked tragic and yet at the same time strong. He was also staggering, like a gust of wind could blow him down.

Xu Xing Zhi bit his teeth and touched his chest.

The dagger was lying there. Weak Lungs must have placed it on him when he pushed him down.

He pulled out the dagger with his left hand, hiding his backhand behind as he walked straight toward the monster.

When he walked past the side of the charred black man, not only did he not stop his steps but he accelerated his pace.

The black shadow was lost and he blurted out, “…Senior Brother??”

Xu Xing Zhi had already ran up, and the wind whistled into his ears, drowning the sound of the black shadow.

Therefore, he did not hear what the black shadow called him.

The monster had already locked its target on the black shadow, and the prey that escaped halfway once again returned. It was extremely violent and was screaming. It raised its left arm made of razor, slashing in the direction of Xu Xing Zhi; It wanted to settle him as soon as possible.

Xu Xing Zhi raised his right hand to block.

A muffled sound of an object being pierced.

Xu Xing Zhi looked at his rosewood palm, which was pierced, and whistled.

Before the monster reacted, he flew up and stepped on the right arm that the monster was swaying about, and used his whole strength to lift up his right hand up and lifted up the monster’s left arm.

The dagger given by Weak Lungs to pierce Meng Zhong Guang was now in the heart of the monster.

Xu Xing Zhi quickly pulled out the dagger and jumped to the side.

The monster fell to the ground and twitched.

Xu Xing Zhi was covered with blood spots. He resisted nausea and stepped forward. He stepped on the monster’s arm and smashed the bloody dagger into the monster’s forehead again.

After the monster received the knife, it twitched for a while before it finally died.

Xu Xing Zhi’s tight muscles had yet to relax before he heard a dull and deep sound from behind.

Xu Xing Zhi turned back and found that the charred black shadow was already on the ground.

His heart clenched. He took a few steps in front and held him in his arms, “Hey!”

The man was weak. “Thirty miles southeast, take me there…”

After he spoke, his head titled and it seemed like he had fainted.

In the face of this unfamiliar stranger, Xu Xing Zhi did not think much, he just picked up the dagger and roughly wiped it on his clothes. He disregard the terrible mess of the person as he carefully carried him up and placed him on his back. With many difficulties, he used his good left hand and the broken right hand, to place the man’s arms around his neck.

When he was sure that the man on his back was secured, Xu Xing Zhi went towards the southeast.

The southeast direction must have the companions of this person. If he could send this person to that place, he could be considered to earn a big favor. Maybe he could ask where Meng Zhong Guang was, maybe he would even run into him at there.

…Father and Little Sister were still at home, if he went missing for too long, they naturally would be worried.

He had to go home quickly.

Xu Xing Zhi was pondering and he did not notice that the charred black man on his back had opened his eyes.

He happily snuggled up on the back of Xu Xing Zhi and silently whispered, “…Senior Brother…”

The author has something to say:

New novel~

Meng Zhong Guang: Senior Brother, Senior Brother, want piggy back~ want hug hug!

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