I Have A Secret

Summary :

Huang Dan’s pain nerve is innately different from the ordinary people. A little tore in his skin can cause him to sweat all over his body painfully to the point of him unable to make a word out.

Somehow, he began to cross world, following Mr. System to do the tasks…

In the first world, Huang Dan realized what it means to die painfully and to live to die again.

Fierce, mighty, spoil the bottom Gong VS calm, clever and naturally teasing Shou


Table of Content:

Edited by DancingDolphinYo!

Arc 1: Rurul Love ( Who killed Li Da Gui? )

Arc 2: Guess Who Am I? ( Who is the Demon? )

Arc 3: The Matters of Co-habiting

Arc 4: Little Retail Store

Arc 5: They Don’t have a Face

Arc 6: Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon

Arc 7: Neighbours

Arc 8: Back to Junior 1



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